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    Who we are

    Our private wealth teams have the experience, expertise and emotional intelligence to understand and meet the sophisticated needs of each client.

    Whether you are looking for wealth preservation strategies, enhancing portfolio yield, investing for future generations, or perhaps executing your legacy plan.  Whatever your objective, we will help guide you on your journey.

    Each of our private wealth advisors serves a limited number of individual investors or family offices, so that we can give each client the dedication and time they deserve. Our belief is that no two clients can ever have the same solution since each, and every individual has their unique cultural, family and financial background that must be captured within an optimal solution, tailored for them.

    Our global reach and access to market leading financial products and services allows us to identify exclusive opportunities to diversify and grow your investments


    Our Key Personnel

    Scott Banks

    Chief Executive Officer

    Scott has over 35 years’ experience encapsulating key areas of business and building successful brands and services. Scott has spent the last 18 years in Financial Markets, running institutional trading desks and creating highly bespoke investment solutions and portfolios for hedge funds and family offices around the world.
    Scott Banks

    Robert Nowell

    Head of Portfolio & Risk Management

    Robert is an accomplished and intellectually astute individual, renowned for his unwavering drive and exceptional focus. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, he has emerged as a stalwart in the realm of Global Markets Portfolio Risk Management.

    As the Chief Investment Officer of a prestigious and long-standing enterprise, Robert has exemplified his expertise by crafting intricate and sophisticated debt and equity structures, transcending national boundaries. His profound acumen in private equity transactions has garnered unparalleled success for global clients.

    At the core of Robert’s investment philosophy lies his unwavering commitment to risk management. His keen understanding of the intricacies of risk has allowed him to navigate the dynamic market landscape with precision and finesse. Robert excels in perceiving the broader picture, adeptly deciphering the unique requirements of clients, and delivering bespoke solutions to optimize their risk positions.

    Robert’s greatest asset lies in his remarkable ability to distill even the most intricate concepts into comprehensible terms, ensuring clients possess a profound understanding and can make informed decisions. His adeptness in simplifying complex matters is unparalleled, empowering clients to navigate the intricate world of investments with confidence and clarity.


    Jason Social

    Chief Investment Officer

    Jason has been involved with Financial Services at both retail and institutional product level for more than 30 years. For the past twelve years Jason has been helping family offices around the world with their corporate governance and investments. Jason is passionate about helping our clients find the right wealth solutions.
    Jason Social
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