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    Philanthropy and Charitable Services

    “Executing your philanthropic legacy”

    Often our achievements in life, both in terms of financial success and the skills we hone over a lifetime, can be used to great effect in helping those less privileged.  

    Our team are highly experienced in implementing social impact programs. Afirm Financial is directly involved with the strategic visions and ground implementation of the Deepavali Charitable Trust, which delivers desperately needed health care and hospital treatments, along with educational services to some the poorest communities in the world.   Today, the Deepavali charity educates over 4,500 girls each year, that would otherwise be subject to a life of slavery, and processes over 45,000 patients per month, across three charity-built hospitals, providing 100% free healthcare.  Our directors visit these hospitals and Schools throughout the year to ensure our impact is felt where it’s needed and to learn valuable insights and local knowledge.

    This deep-seeded, first-hand knowledge is the reason many of our clients look to us for guidance when planning their charitable ambitions.

    We guide you along each step of the way, from your initial vision to planning, through to implementation.  We will advise you on how to formally structure your philanthropic ambitions, whether through umbrella foundations or direct donation, so that you improve effectiveness and execute your donations with maximum efficiency.

    We understand that philanthropy is often driven by your individual passions, so we take the time to fully understand your vision, and we ask the right questions:

    Philanthropy services:

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