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    Hedge Fund Solutions

    Hedge Fund Solutions

    “We provide access to the best hedge funds and fund managers, globally, and opportunities to invest in exclusive soft-closed hedge funds“

    The world was not created equal for all investors. The access to hedge funds and special opportunities that we provide are otherwise exclusively reserved for the Bank’s ultra-VIP clients and unattainable for the vast majority of investors.

    It is this access, and the quality of advice that we provide, that our discerning clients value most.

    We create your personalised, custom-made hedge fund solution by working closely with our specialist Zurich based hedge fund team, to deliver unrivalled returns and access to the best performing fund managers. These are the titans of the fund industry, that have proven, consistent returns over decades.

    By understanding your long-term investment goals we will help and advise you select the appropriate hedge funds that will deliver attractive long-term risk adjusted returns.

    Each bespoke Hedge Fund solution is carefully constructed around your unique viewpoint, risk tolerance and return profile.

    We work with specialist fund teams and dedicated analysts across our private banking partnerships, applying disciplined and continual review and due diligence, both quantitively and qualitatively against each fund holding. 

    Our hedge fund teams select from over 50,000 possible investments every month, which after careful screening and filtering, produces our HIGH Conviction fund list of no more than 80 of the world’s top performing funds in each strategy class.

    This ensures that at any time, our clients have exposure to the ‘best of the best’ elite fund managers around the globe.

    We believe hedge funds play a crucial role within your investment portfolio, not merely just for returns, but also for efficient portfolio diversification and risk management. 

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